We're Pregnant!

Wanting so badly to be a mom (but also not really wanting a Christmas baby, since my husband's birthday is December 26th) we decided to do a test run. If we didn't get pregnant right away, no sweat, we'd just try again in a couple of months. Well kids, if you don't practice safe sex, you could very well end up pregnant. Seemed like we were the classic case of what they always taught us in school. :D

On the morning of February 20th (the day my period was supposed to start) I woke up super early, pretty anxious to see. No doubt when you get the test that has the words. There they were. YES + ... I left the stick right at the edge of the sink so when Devin woke up 30 minutes later to pee, I told him to "turn on the light". "You're pregnant!?" were his exact words.